Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Conference is COMING!!!!!

Our group from our trip to the lighthouse
and Lake Michigan.
Hey Everyone!!!!

How are you all!!??!!!  I am so excited to e-mail today!  IT is always fun to let you know what I have been up to, hopefully I'll be able to make a little sense and remember what happened this week.  :)

First off thank you for writing me,
- Janelle Sanchez
- Grandma Mary
- Mom - Thank you for sending the GPS.  I'll send the one I have soon, it is SO nice to have one that is working!!  I was weirded out that the fruit snack package changed!  HAHA But I loved the package!!  :)
Amber loves the Black Forest Fruit Snacks.  I buy them at Smith's.  I went to get them and couldn't find them where I normal do.  Looked and looked and finally found them but almost missed them because they changed their packaging.  
- Megan West

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from all of you so please write me!!  It is always so fun!!!

Sister Amber North
Chicago Illinois Mission
800 Waukeagn Rd.  Suite 203
Glenview IL, 60025

Yep I love mail!  Can't wait to hear form you!!  I promise I will WRITE you back too!!  :)

So this week has been great!!  I really don't even know where to begin...

Me, Janet, and Megan.
Let's see, Well Saturday we had the relief Society broadcast at the Sake Center and man was it so powerful and amazing!!!  It just makes me even more excited about General Conference coming this weekend!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  It is going to be awesome!!!  I also had the chance to meet Janet Witt and her daughter Megan, so that was really cool!

Every year before the October General Conference of the LDS church there is a special Relief Society Conference for the women.  You can check out the meeting here

Janet Witt is Jed's cousin so Amber's second cousin and she lives in Illinois.  We are so happy they go to see each other.  Mission rules don't allow for just visiting family even if you haven't ever met them before but since they are in the same area and attended the conference at the same location they were able to meet and take a pictures together.

General Conference of the LDS Church is held every six months where we are given current instruction for our day and time.  You can watch conference live online here

Oh Mom, Charnelle says thank you for your present and note, she loved it!  :)

Charnelle is the young woman that was recently baptized and I sent her a little note and a CD.

K****, me, and Sister Winn.
Check out my new purple and black shoes!
So this week we got to see K**** a lot!  But sadly she wasn't at church.  :(  We have been teaching her and she came to Mutual on Wednesday and they were doing a service project at the park so we got to go and help them too.  She seemed to enjoy it.  We also met with her on Friday but she left to go get food with her dad.  Her mom said that she would be like fifteen minutes and I asked if it was ok if we waited there.  We ended up being able to talk to her mom for about a half an hour which was great!  I think it helped build some trust with her mom to know who her daughter has been meeting with.  Hopefully we will get to have her sit in on a lesson soon.  I also played a little soccer with E****, K****'s eight year old brother.  So that was fun.  When K**** reads what we leave her she gets so much out of it, it is so awesome!!  :)  We are meeting with her tomorrow.  :)  She is great!  I love her!  :)

We also taught M**** this week and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and we were about done with our lesson and going to leave soon when her daughter came in and we ended up having another lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation.  We were able to clear up some questions she had.  We are hopefully going to meet with her this week too.  I think she lives in the Gurnee 1st ward though so we might not be teaching her but we will find out what is going to happen this week.  One of the ward members is going to come with us to M****'s lesson this week.  That will be great!  We love having ward members at lessons!  :)

Strange sign we found while out tracting.
We visited with a less active in the ward Sister F****, she is so awesome!  She lost her husband this summer so that has been hard on her.  We talked about some scriptures and we ended up helping her get the Book of Mormon on her Kindle so that she can listen to it.  We are hoping that we will be able to see her this week, and we also are hoping that we can watch some of conference with her.  That would be GREAT!!!

hmmm...What else, I know there is more but it is hard to remember hahha  :)

Shout out to Jace Krogh on having the great opportunity to sing with Josh Groban in a few weeks!!  That is SO COOL!!!  We listen to Josh Groban a lot and I love him!  I am kind of jealous that he gets to sing with him, no going to lie, but that is super awesome!!  Hope the Krogh family is doing great!  Well I hope everyone is for that matter.

Tell Ben and Jacquelle that I love them, I also love the picture of cute baby Jimmy.

I am so grateful for the gospel and knowing that families are forever!  What a great comfort this has brought in my life.  It is always hard to see people in pain as they loose a loved one and all we can do is be there for one another.  Knowing that God is also on our side bring so much joy.  He knows what we are feeling everyday.  Life is hard but to have someone to talk to about it all helps.  This gospel is true.  The church is trued and I know it and I love it!  With having the knowledge of the Gospel and the truths that it brings we can conqueror anything.

Oh man I love how Mikel got asked to the girls pref dance!  That is great!  How is he going to answer her back?  Hey Mook you should write me a letter and tell me all your adventures about my write me bro!
I'm Super Woman!!!
So last P-day we were at Walmart and we saw these footie PJ's.
We had to try them on.  They even have a cool cape on the back!!
I tried on this one and Sister Winn tried on Batman.
It was fun!  We are silly!  Reminded me of something I would
do with my roomies.  HAHHA

Questions from Mom:

1.  Did you have any investigators with you at the broadcast?  Sadly no, but it was super great!!  :D

2.  So guys trade ties out on their mission, is there anything that Sister Missionaries trade?  Hmmm...good question.  Still haven't figured that one out.  Hahha I don't know I feel like we share a lot of things, we could exchange uh scarfs!  HAHA  Something that is cool that we have out here on the mission that we do is we have a transfer journal.  It is kind of like a yearbook.  People write in it when you leave the area or they leave the area so that is cool.  A few people have written in mine.  :)

3.  The craziest thing that happened this week, that is a good one.  I'd have to say...humm.. oh hahah Okay I got it!  So this week we had two dinners in a row.  One was set up and the other we called a ward member because we wanted to share a message with them and when we got there we found out that they were eating.  We had yummy tacos.  I only had one so that I could eat at our next "dinner" appointment.  HAHAHA  But it all went well and yummy but man it was super funny!  Sister Winn I don't think thought it was as funny as I did but it was a really good bonding moment and something we won't forget.  Nothing too crazy this week.

4.  Training and being a Mommy, things are great now.  The first week was really hard but Sister Winn is awesome and we have become really good friend and are learning how to really work together as one with God.  That is really important that we work together.  Working together is what helps bring the spirit.

5.  Where in Texas is your companion from?  Dallas area or Rowlett

6.  What did she study at BYU?  Dietetics

Okay so one of my favorite things I read this week is:
Alma 48!!!  It is such an Awesome chapter and Moroni is amazing!!!  He pretty much is a Boss!  I love verse 17!

verse 17 reads:
 17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto aMoroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the bdevilwould never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

Well Everyone I hope you are all doing great!!  I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon!!!  Keep working hard and let the Holidays begin...Can't believe tomorrow is October!!!!  :)

Love Always,
Sister North  :)
Just me being silly!

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