Monday, October 21, 2013

The Awkward Moment when you think you are going to Die!!......

Hey Everyone!!!

A treat from Sister Winn's mom in the package she got.
Thanks Sister Winn!
So I am sure you are wondering what my subject line means so I guess I will tell you.  So on Saturday we had about oh six minutes until personal study time and I had been writing in my journal and then noticed that I should finish getting ready so I can study right at eight.  Well as I went to do this I hear a beep from our CO thing, so I stop and I'm like uh....What the!?!  Well needless to say we worried for no reason because the battery was just low.  So that was a fun not so fun morning.  We have a new battery and everything is awesome!!  haha  :)

Wonder if they took any action other than changing the battery?

So first off today is Sister Winn's Birthday!!!  So shout out to her!!  :)  It has been a pretty grand day!  :)

Another week has come and gone and how great the Joy!!  This coming week is pretty solid!!  It is so great the more we learn the better our companionship, the better our weekly planning becomes!!  And the better our weeks become!!!  The Lord sure is helping us!!

Poof the power just went off....but it just came back on...

A yummy basket of goodness left for us from a ward member!  Much appreciated!  We love treats.

We appreciate being thought about and supported so much from our ward family!

So one of the highlights from this week is we had a lesson with K**** (15 years old) and we usually have our lessons on the front porch.  This week we were invited in!!  Her mom E**** told us how she doesn't usually let people in their house unless she trust them.  So it was like YES!!  We invited her to join and she was like okay, I will in a minute or something like that.  But she really did finish up what she was doing and join us!  It was super awesome!!  We had planned to go over the second half of the Plan of Salvation but we ended up talking about the Book of Mormon and telling E**** (8 year old brother) what it is and talked about a few of the pictures and that was about it for him.  He really liked being a part of the conversation though.  We ended up teaching the entire Plan of Salvation and we had K**** help us.  We were hoping to put K**** on date for baptism but plans changed.  The lesson was more focused on helping her mom understand.  I think this was really good and it was great to have K**** help us.  She is such a smart girl.  The Lord is preparing his Children!

We had splits.  Here are the four of us.
Sister Lewis, McCarry, Winn, and North
We taught M**** this week and it was the BEST lesson we have ever had with her!!  She did all of her reading AND started reading an old commitment that we left with her.  She didn't quite finish it but we were floored that she did so much and were so excited!!  We met at the kitchen table instead of the living room and it was a better setting for us to talk to her and her hear us too.  She is such a sweet lady.  We also taught the entire Plan of Salvation.  We taught it to her before but this time was so much better and she asked questions and I think we tried to make sure that we were focusing more on her needs.  Being a missionary sure is such a learning process!  In Everything!!  We are super excited about her and hoping that she comes to the ward Halloween party.  We have invited her to church and she told us no the week before.  This week she was open to coming to the Halloween Party on Friday so we are praying that she will be able to come and meet some people so that she would feel more comfortable with coming to church.

Yesterday we had the Primary program which was so amazing!!!  I was really bummed we didn't have any investigators there to witness the great spirit in these young children!!  It was so sweet to hear two eight year old kids who have been baptized recently share their story about their special day!  How powerful a child can be!!    It was a good reminder that we need to be like a child and have the sweet spirit that can help bring others closer to our Savior!!!

It really has been such a great week!  We were bummed to have some appointments fall through but we made the most of it.

This week we had two experiences of a guy in a car coming up to us which were interesting.

The first one asked if he could do anything for us.  We of course got excited but needless to say he was a tad bit rude to us and then drove off.

The second one was when we were going to the office of our apartment to get Sister Winn's package and this guy stops us and was like, Hey are you guys church people?  We talked to him and his friend in the care for a few minutes.  It was great!  We were hoping that he would be at church but he wasn't.  Both of these happened within a few hours of each other.

It is interesting, people do notice that we are people of God and they want to help us.  It is just sad that they don't always want to hear this amazing message that will change their lives forever!!!

Things here are going well.  We are always trying to improve and do better!!  The Lord is helping us everywhere we go!!

Thank you so much for all of your support!!!  This week has been so nice to hear from so many of my favorite people!!!  Thank you so much for your letters and prayers!!!

Letters this week!!!
- Dad
- Daniel and Jennifer Holden
- Kary (My awesome Snow Blaster)  :D
- Marissa L.
- Elder Krogh
- Grandma North

Once again thank you for the letters!!  It is so fun to hear how everyone at home is doing!!!  :D  Keep them coming!!  I promise that I will write you back!!!  :D

Sister North  :D

Amber needed her facebook password sent to her.  When they leave on their missions they receive a special mission e-mail account and we take over their personal e-mail's and facebook stuff.  The LDS church is starting to use technology more and more with their missionaries.  You can read an article about it here...
Not all the missions have these technologies but they are starting to be implemented in more and more missions.  The missionaries are to use the technology for teaching the gospel not staying connected with home.  So they are still not allowed to just chat with family but if there is anyone from their friend list that is wanting to hear the gospel discussions they can teach them.  So it is pretty neat to be a part of all these changes and exciting to see how it changes missionary work.  She said that the Zone leaders and Sister Missionary Trainers have been on Facebook for about two weeks not and the rest of her mission is getting started with it this week.  More info as we get it!

Don't forget to write her, she loves mail.
Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

Sister McCarry and I were together and Sister Lewis and Sister Winn were together for splits.

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