Monday, October 7, 2013

Adventures Everywhere!! :)

Hello Family and Friends!!!!
We got to try this place called was
good but wasn't my favorite.

First Off!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Dad!!

and Happy Birthday to Bryen and Jered!  on Thursday!!  (My little brothers are growing up....Stop it)  :)

Or rather Happy Birthday to Bryen and Jered on Friday, their birthday is on the 11th.  :)

This week has been SUPER awesome and very productive!!  At times we didn't feel like we were doing good, until the end of the day when we looked back.  We were able to meet a lot of our goals this week so that was really awesome!!  Sister Winn and I are working hard and learn more and more everyday how to become better!  She is awesome and a great example to me!  :)

This week I got letters from:
- Grandma Mary (It was a great surprise!)
- My Momma!  Thanks for the encouragement!

Now everyone else!  Feel free to write me!!  I promise I WILL write you back!!  Just ask everyone else!  ;)

Sister Amber North
Chicago Illinois Mission
800 Waukegan Rd.  #203
Glenview, IL 60025

A ton happened this week!!

First off can I say CONFERENCE was AMAZING!!!  It is such a great time to be reminded and learn how you can do better in your life!  I love how you can just feel the love they have for all of us!  It is wonderful and they are truly Men of God!  :)  Being a missionary I was reminded how everyone around the world is praying for me, it is so nice and brings peace to know that I have so much support from people I know and people that I do not know.  It is very comforting!  :)

Okay!  I don't even know where to start!!!

The first one is P****!  We were trying to find a less active member and it turns out she moved but we started talking to P****.  He said we could come back.  So we came back and here is when the.....

Funny Story Begins!!

So we came back to teach P****, and he has a cat named T***.  Well we got there and we were talking to him and he kept his foot in the door.  (I thought this was a little weird but it was cool)  He kept making sure that T*** the cat wouldn't get out.  Needless to say we were talking and T*** got out.  Next thing we know P**** gets T*** and was like oh crap! ....He is like I think the door is locked...well it turns out the door is locked.  Here we are just trying not to laugh that this just happened....well it gets better!

He doesn't have a key so we walk with him to the office, he is holding T***, has no shoes on and there are three girls walking with him.  (us Sisters and a member)  We were able to talk, we got a key to open his apartment and we talk about the Book of Mormon and are meeting with him this week.  I know it doesn't seem as funny reading it but put yourself in our shoes!  It was pretty great!

Then we have I****!  Super cool story with her!  She is actually our neighbor and last week we had about an hour and it was already dark.  We went to go do a few different things but nothing was feeling right.  So then we had about a half an hour until we said we would have dinner (we decided to have dinner late) and we came to the conclusion to head back to the apartment.  Well we walk in and I was like lets go see our neighbor so we did.  Turns out that she was home and we talked about the church and what we do and she was super interested.

That was a really cool experience for me and strengthened my testimony of listening to the Spirit.  I kept feeling like everywhere we would try to go just didn't feel right, but we didn't want to just go back to the apartment, we wanted to keep working.  Then we found out why nothing felt right, the Lord wanted us to go back.  We ended up not having a dinner time but it was so worth it being able to talk to her!

We met with her this past week and taught her some more and she just loves everything!!  She even came to the Saturday afternoon session of conference!  She said she really enjoyed it and took a lot of notes!  We talked about it after and answered some questions.  She is super awesome and sweet!  :)  Something that was annoying was it was SUPER rainy and it made the conference broadcast go in and out as we watched it at the church.  So very annoying!  I was like of course it doesn't work right when we have an investigator here.  It was pretty lame.  It was still an awesome conference though.

She made us some yummy muffins yesterday!  We are looking forward to teaching her more@  :)

C**** and M**** came to three of the four session of conference!!  It was SUPER GREAT!!  we also had a lesson with M**** last night about prayer and our ward mission leader came with us.  It went amazing! We talked about what we liked about conference and even though he was in and out with his daughter he still got a lot out of it!  So that was cool!  When we taught him K**** was asleep so that helped have an amazing lesson!!  We are meeting with him next week and he is also coming to church!  They are doing great!

So like I said it was rainy Saturday and we got drenched!  It was fun though!  What is funny is we still went to see some people and they gave us some weird looks because we were out in the rain.

We ended up being able to talk to this guy J**** and bring him some comfort into his life.  We weren't able to get his information but we are hoping that he will call us.  He is really having a hard time.

We had to get our car checked out and get an oil change and the entire time we were there we talked to this Jehovah's witness lady.  Needless to say it was interesting but it didn't really go anywhere.  She was super nice but didn't have her heart open to really listen to what we were saying.  Every time we would testify or talk about the church or Book of Mormon I could feel the spirit.  

There are miracles everywhere!  Look for those unseen opportunities!  They are everywhere!!

I love you all so much!!!

Have a GREAT week!!! Until next time!

Sister Amber North :)

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  1. Hey Amber,
    Glad you are keeping busy. Learning to recognize how the spirit talks to you can be very difficult for some people. But I am sure you know that. We miss your smile and we are praying that the spirit guides you to those who need to hear from you. Take Luck!