Monday, October 28, 2013

Another companion bites the dust.....

Hey Family and Friends!!!

How are you guys doing??

You can let me know by writing me at:
Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois  60025

Well the news of the week is Sister Winn is leaving me tomorrow.  Hence the subject line.  I'll be finishing up training Sister Tincher (I have said Hi to her but that is about it...)  I am looking forward to really meeting her and getting to know her.  It is crazy that Sister Winn will be leaving.  I am staying here in the Gurnee 2nd ward!  WOOT, I really do love it here!  :)

This week of course has been awesome!!  Tuesday was rockin awesome day!  We had appointments pretty much all day and didn't even really have time for dinner (good and bad thing) and this week Wednesday is our busy day.  That is when everyone wanted to have their lessons this week.  So it is cool!! :) It is also because Transfers are Tuesday and we have a Zone Conference on Thursday so we are busy with meetings this week, but it is totally chill.  :)  We love meetings!

Okay, I really don't know what to say and I don't feel like typing.  HAHA but I will do my best!

Sister Winn and I as Twins for the ward
Halloween Party.
We had our ward Halloween Party on Friday!  It was awesome!  Sister Winn and I dressed like twiners!  P**** came!  We were too happy!!!  The B**** Family also came!!  :)  It was a fun night with the ward.

We are Twinners!

Saturday was full of service!  Which was crazy!!  We are ALWAYS trying to do service but because we are Sisters no one EVER takes us up on it.  :(  Its so lame!  BUT we did get to help our neighbor move on Saturday and then got a phone call to help someone else move in!  Hopefully we will get to teach them, its a mom with two daughters who are 20 and 18!  That would be super awesome!!

We had two new investigators this week.  The first one is J**** and Sister Kershaw and I tracted into him when we were together.  Sister Winn and I ran into him this last week while he was mowing his lawn.  We met with him this week and talked about the Restoration and answered his questions.  It was kind of a random lesson but so awesome!  Sister S**** came with us and had some awesome things to add. Bringing Members to lessons is always so great!  So you all should go out with the Missionaries.  YOU are who the investigators can turn to 24/7 and will stay in the area longer than any missionary.

Sister C**** and I
We also taught M**** who we tracted into earlier this transfer.  We have been trying to get a hold of her but she is always busy.  We finally were able to teach her a brief Restoration and she is super sweet!!  We are hopefully meeting with her again this week.  We are calling her tomorrow to confirm.  :D  She has two boys not sure their ages though.

We taught P**** and it went really well.  We asked him what he knew about the fall/creation and he gave the funniest story about it!  It was awesome!!  He learned a ton fro his reading and the lesson went well.  He is a funny guy!

K***** is doing well but hasn't read so that is a bummer.  :(  She is still super awesome and her biggest concern I think is just with her family.  She has gone to YW's every week the past like month though so that is really cool!  It is just one step at a time.
Happy 22nd Birthday Sister Winn

For Sister Winn's birthday I bought her an apple pie and we ate it with I**** and shared a message with her.

Hmm...Oh M****!  We are still teaching her and she has been reading which is awesome!  She keeps going back to her old ways of believing so hopefully she will keep remembering a little bit more each time.

Yeah this week has been good!  It is getting colder Gah!  We are trying to stay warm.

Letters this week!
- Sister M. Burr (I didn't even know she had my address, it made me happy)
- Bishop Lindsay
- Sister Looslie
- Grandma Maxine (Thank YOU for the Stamps!!!!!)
- Karoline and the kidos!

I am hoping to have mail tomorrow at Transfers!!  :D  Thank you all so much for the letters!!  They are ALL so so fun to read!!!  I really appreciate them!!!

They hold mail right before transfers and then give them their mail at transfers so it is always nice to get several letters on transfer day.

Keep working hard!!!  Look for the chance to share this great message!  You will be able to share your joy about the gospel if you listen to the spirit!  Stay Strong!!  I love you all so much!!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Sister North  :)

On a church window in Illinois.  I thought it was interesting
that they were doing their trick or treating on Sunday.

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