Monday, March 3, 2014

7 Months Later....The Time has come...Goodbye Gurnee

Date: March 3, 2014
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant
Hey Ya Peeps I love!!

Well The time has come for me to leave the Place I have grown to learn and love.  I love it here in the Gurnee 2nd ward!  It is crazy that I have been here for Seven Months! but It has been awesome!! I have learned a Lot and hopefully grown some too. 

I will be going to the other side of the Mission to the Ward Valpo, in  Valparaiso, Indiana!!! I am going to live in another State! I think that is pretty cool!! and I have no idea were it is but I can't wait!
My new companion is Sister Comstock and well I just know her name! but I know she is awesome!! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow!!

So my e-mail be a little different this week and I'm gong by days because I wrote down notes because I fell behind in my journal write but I'm only a day in a haft behind now so no worries.

It has been a slow week but SUPER DUPER awesome! Because Missionary Life is Awesome even if it is hard!

But first off! 

This is my little thought today, it is a video, and as I watched it the other day I was surprised to see one of my friends! so that was cool! I have friends who are Super Stars! 

We never know how our actions affect other people, so this week I invite you to try to make everyone's day a little bit better, and it can just be a simple smile.  "A Smile is a Curve that Makes Everything Straight" A smile really does make other people smile! :D


It was P-Day! Always a great day! and they always go by fast! We had a Zone Activity and we played Dodge Ball and at one point all the Elders wanted me out because well I got them out.  How we play dodge ball is if you get someone out they get back in when you get out.  So yeah! that made me smile! We played some Volleyball, and I even played 3 or 3 Basketball with some of the Elders! It was SO Much fun!! I have missed playing Basketball!  I love Sister Missionaries but there is no way you can get a group of them together to just play sports haha!!!
We had FHE with the A**** talking about how Jesus is our Loving Friend, and before the lesson the boys (age 6 and 4) taught Sister Grant how to play some football it was pretty funny, J**** and I lost but it was a blast!

A day full of tracting!! Bleh!! It is COLD!!!  But we had nothing better to do so you bet we went and knocked some doors.  It was getting to the point were we couldn't be outside much longer and then we knocked on said Door and someone answers and she was like are you Church people? saw my tag and was like Oh like the wicked witch of the North? haha and then was talking about Grant's name and then was like come in!  It was crazy and so awesome!! I talked to D**** she is 75 years old and so funny! and then A**** who is D**** daughter.  It was fun getting to know them and get warm and then we went on our way to visit them later this week.  They are some spunky people.

After Dinner we planned to Teach P**** and then our Member couldn't come with us, so I was freaking out calling pretty much haft the ward and no one answering or returning our phone calls and then finally we got a member who could come with us SHE WAS A LIFE SAVOR!!  We had a great lesson with P**** and it is crazy because he pretty much is trying to not let the Spirit touch him. At one point we thought he was dropping us because he was going off on how he isn't going to be baptized into the church and then the Spirit really does touch people! and by the end of the lesson he was telling us how meeting with us make not only his day but his week and when he said the closing prayer he prayed that he could meet with us more!! OH MY GOODNESS IT was the BEST!! :D  I even got a nick name from him, he now calls me "Angle Voice" because last week when he came to church he heard me sing and I guess he liked it or something...hmm...He went off on this for like five minutes! even saying that the Bishop loved when I sang! ha! It was funny! and made me smile, not going to lie!
We had District Meeting and it was super awesome like always! and then we had lunch and then did some tracting and when we could tract anymore because of the cold we would do stop bys.  It was to the point that I was praying that we could teach someone and then I was like Sister Grant we should go see if we can teach someone on Facebook.  and Guess what! one of my friends was on and we had a lesson with him!! It was awesome!! God does answer our Prayers I promise!!!  We had dinner with the Kuelus and it was Super Yummy!! :D

Weekly Planning.....FAIL!  We had lunch with a Member and I ate a burrito bigger then my head, it was yummy! we went to the random Mexican place stand thing, it was good!  then went back to planning and I was super hyper and couldn't focus so we went and did some stop bys and went back to planning, it was a little better haha.  We had Dinner with some Members at Tacos El Norte...Yep a Mexican day! haha but YUMMY :D and then a Meeting with our ward Mission leader!
Friday...the Day of DEMOLITION!!
SO Friday was NOT your normal Missionary day! We started off the Morning with some awesome service at R**** house in Beach Park (In the Gurnee First area) and we had SO MUCH FUN tearing down Walls!! It was SUPER awesome!!  I have lots of fun pictures too!! R**** was surprised at how helpful we were, we got our District to join us so Four Sisters and Four Elders. :D  Then we had apartment checks, we passed, it was weird still being in jeans with the Kuffers came.  We then had to shower again and we had a late lunch.  Then did some stop by's checked facebook and went and supported K****  in her Talent Show, her family was really surprised to see us there but they seemed to appreciate it.  We left at intermission.  It was fun! and weird to go into a school! ha! and then the A**** gave us dinner because she got called into work.  I was bummed :( oh well

At Karina's Talent Show
 Saturday....the Day Transfer Calls come
It was a solid Day! and we stayed busy!!  We started off the Morning with doing a Preach My Gospel survey, that was good.  We did some stop by's and we went to A**** and D**** house.  We talked to D**** for a little bit and she just makes me laugh.  A**** came home and we sort of talked to her but it turns out we were there to talk to her daughter V****!  She is so sweet, she is 14 and we taught her some of the Restoration, we talked about the Book of Mormon and it was good. :)  I got to meet a less active for the first time after Seven Months! that was cool! and we talked with them for a while.  Then we had Dinner and then we had an awesome lesson with J**** about the Apostasy.  After that we had received a text telling us that one of us was going to be transferred and then after we dropped or our member we got a phone call telling me I was leaving! It is pretty weird but I'm excited to go.

Last day in the ward! Wasn't too bad but I don't think it has hit me yet.  C**** bore her Testimony and it was just the best!!! I said some goodbyes and will be doing more today..WEIRD!!
Silly pictures with the Bishops kids.

Time is running out so I better run,
Uh Letters this week I didn't write them down but I got them from
-Grandma North
-Grandma Mary
-Stake, So is there a new Stake Pres. and stuff?
-Amiee Smith
-uh...I'm spacing it but Thank You for the letters!!

I love you all so much!!! Keep Smiling!

Sister Amber North :D

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