Monday, March 10, 2014

Cops called on us?....The Start of Indiana! :D

Sister Comstock and I
Date:; March 10, 2014
Area:  Valparaiso
Companion:  Sister Comstock
I am living in a NEW state and I LOVE IT!!! :D
I don't even know where I should start! 
First Week in Indiana Is:
~The week Sister North Prayed
~Getting the cops called on us while Tracting
~I got my new name tags, and then the next day I find out my lost one is no longer lost....but it is on the other side of the world...Okay on the other side of the Mission but sorta the same thing.
~Members feed us a TON!...I'm gonna get Fat!
~I have been thinking about going to the Dentist and turns out the Bishop is one! God is just wonderful at that! He knows what we need! :)
-Sister Winn
-Sister Tiffany R! first one in Indiana!! WOOT WOOT :D
oh and I guess I have a letter from Kegan Morris but it went to my old apartment, so hopefully I'll get it this week.
My mind just seems to be everywhere, sorry about that but hopefully you'll understand something!
So first off I have an awesome new companion, Her name is Sister Comstock and she is from Idaho! and Oh my goodness I just love her so much!! We get along SO Well!!  She reminds me of Leah(cousin) but is taller then her and then reminds me of the first day Brittany(roommate) and I met and we would be like...I say that, or I like that.  It is crazy!  She turns 21 on April 5th. and can't eat wheat, so everything needs to be gluten free. We laugh a lot! and our "theme song" would be uh..not sure what it is called but it is Josh Groban number 7 on the CD Amy gave me ha! ...Oh it is called "Hidden Away" and We just love it!! and his voice is attractive so it just makes it better! ha! :) the end!
Elder Harrison and I
We had an awesome week!!  We do a ton of Less Active work, YAY!! but I know we will be teaching people soon!! There is someone here that is ready to be baptized by April 13th. We had a Mission fast to have every companionship have someone enter into the waters of Baptism and every time we pray I know it will happen! It is going to be awesome! and it might just be Victor!
Okay! Story Time! So we went to go see a Less Active but it changed to this week so we drove a few streets stopped the car and at a tamale, YUMMY! (we visited a LA before hand and she gave us some) then we decided to Tract this street! SO we did, it was like the fourth or fifth house when we meet our friend V****! we talked to him and gave him a Book of Mormon, Sister Comstock was surprised and didn't know what to do he was actually listening but she did awesome! We told him we would call him the next day and tell him the Church address.  So we called him Saturday and he was busy but told us to text it to him so we did. and he asked us a few questions like, "Is this the Little one or the tall one", "Are you guys Sisters".  He didn't get to come to Church but promised us he would come next week! and then we asked when we could meet and he says tomorrow! so that is today! We haven't even taught him anything and he wants to come to Church!!! :D  But when Sister Comstock was sharing her Testimony about the Book of Mormon I could feel the Spirit and when we went away I was like Di
Nature is beautiful!
d you feel that? it was awesome!! I'll keep you posted! But we both feel really good about him and I am super excited! :D YAY!!! :D
Oh so we kept knocking on some doors and we started talking to this guy, and he was like Do I look like I read the Bible, he had sleeve tats and we are like Yes and we kept talking with him when all the sudden these two people came up to the door and we turn around and it is two cops! we are like hmm...wonder why they are here well turns out they came for us! so we didn't get to give the guy anything, (I think we are going to go back though) and I guess someone called the cops on us and thought we were selling stuff.  We told the cops who we were, I mean we look so scary, two white girls in skirts HA! they where chill we told them what we do and they just said okay and that the people here don't like it but we are fine doing so and we told them thank you for doing there job and they left.  We met another person and she is a principal at a school and we told her we also do service(she didn't want to hear our message) but then was like Oh you guys can come help me out, so we will call her this week and see what happens. 
We got to help the T**** paint, I love them!! They are so cool.  They have three kids and twin 11 year old girls that remind me of me Sisters, of Taryn and Taylynne. :) 
We visited someone at the hospital
We watched the Joseph Smith video last night, we had comp. Study at 8pm because Church and stuff is at nine so we didn't really need to plan for anyone so that is what we did.  It was really good and helped me remember man, I have it so lucky out here, Yeah I might get cold but I can hop in a car or go inside.  It makes me want to be a better missionary and work my hardest.  This week is going to be a good one, I have high hopes for it and I'm excited for this adventure!!!

I love you all so much!!  The ward here is awesome! and I couldn't ask for anything better.  It is funny I don't know anyone so I'm like "Who are you? I'm Sister North" haha! one guy was like I'm chuck Norris! and I was like dude, I'll call you that! ha! He is cool, and I'm doing pretty good at remember peoples names too.
So I'll see if I can send picture later....This Library doesn't have an SD card reader.
My last few days in Gurnee were busy and great! I love them all so much and I am sure going to miss them!
Thank you for all the support!! I love you bunches!!!
We are doing our shopping - well kind of

Little thought for the day:
-Faith moves us to action
-"At it to your knee list"
We have so many things to be thankful for and this we need help with, what better way to turn to the Lord?  I know he is here for each of us.  He loves us so much!! and I am so glad he is always here for us!! :D
Sister North :D

Please write Amber she loves to get letters and to hear how everything is going in your life.  Missionary work is hard and it is full of lots of disappointments and angry people slamming the door in their face.  Letters bring them joy and after a hard day it is so nice to come home and check the mail and get some happiness.  You can be that happiness just pick up a pen and write something!

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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