Monday, March 31, 2014

High and Lows of every week! :)

Date: March 31, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Comstock
Week 4 in Valpo

Hello to the people I love and Pray for often!  

How are you? I hope your weekend was better then mine! ...mine consisted of being stuck in bed :( I some how managed to get that one thing called strep...eww! But I am finally doing a little better. I am just chilling at Sister S**** an awesome ward member while my zone (a bunch of missionaries) are playing sand volleyball at the dunes. Sister Comstock got a ride with the other Sisters, and I am so glad because I would have felt so bad to keep her from having fun just because I couldn't go...I'm pretty bummed but oh well. I am still bummed but The Lord has a plan even when it comes to being sick.

This week started off really slow but picked up and was awesome and then well ended low, I just wanted to bring a mountain in my life because I miss them. Haha ;) ...yes I think I'm funny, Sister S**** just rolled her eyes and said "cleaver" haha

So I wrote like two notes for the week so I'll try to remember what happened. :)

Wednesday March 26, 2014
The Day of Referrals!! Wow! Today has been a great day! Started off with some studies and then went off to district meeting, and this week we didn't drive through Gary (kinda a sketchy place). We have our district meetings in Griffith instead of Valpo it is about a haft hour away so it cuts into our companion study time, we are still figuring out what is best. But we had an amazing district meeting! One thing I liked is "We are the crew members of eternal life, it is our job to help the "passengers" and this isn't just to missionaries this is to every member. We have the full picture of eternal life and it is up to us to share it with others! It is awesome! :)

Yep so that is the only notes I took for this week haha :)

So time for stories!  We have been having trouble getting information on our referrals and we looked at them the other day and we had some! This area actually gets head quarter referrals! It is wonderful! And I just love it! So we are making it a habit to check online for them because they have just made it so we can do that yay!

Anyway! We went and visited this awesome lady named S**** and she is awesome! We got her as a referral last week and we got to the door and she invited us in! She also wanted a bible so we grabbed one from our car and she had a lot of questions it was so great! We talked about the Atonement and read some from Alma 7. So funny story her son lives in Salt Lake (non-member) and has tried to break into the Temple! It made us laugh, we talked about the Temple for a little bit. It was a really good talk. :) we are calling her soon to set an appointment with her. She is sweet! It was pretty cool!

We got a referral from a Member! It was Sister F**** mother in laws neighbor who is a member but lives in 'Indi' on weekends and goes to church there but we were able to meet with D**** (mother in law) with her neighbor D****!  It was great!  We talked about a lot of things and set a return appointment!  It has been so great teaching her! She is going through a lot right now but we just keep telling her that God loves her and she keeps telling us that we are Angels for coming.

Anyway she came to the Women's broadcast! It was great but man I wasn't feeling well....right before we met the Elders at the Palmer's and had a quick dinner and they gave me a blessing :) and headed over. Debbie really liked it and she really loved the unity of the Women in the church! :) then we had a ice cream social. It is crazy to think that all three of the girls got to go, how did everyone like it?

D**** came to church and I was told she enjoyed it....I wasn't there.  So  I guess Sister Comstock came in and I said something and I mumbled something and turned over, she came back in and I asked her what time it was and she told me.   I didn't think I heard her right because I asked again and then I was like oh I guess we aren't going to church seeing how Church started at already. Ended up being a good thing seeing how I have strep.  But I also had a thought that it was good for Debbie to be there with the ward and get to know them, we had members take her to church for the service and broadcast and they took great care of her. :) The Lord does work in mysterious ways. :)

Another cool thing is we met with Dorothy(la) and we went with her Home teachers and it was such a powerful lesson and we learned some of her concerns that we didn't know. Having more members involved is key!  Members are the best! You can be the change!

Then this other day was the day of: The giggles, we just couldn't stop laughing! We were super busy! So we kept, running around with our heads cut off, but a great day! Not getting in a accident, (we went to go see Sister Clark and this big van tried to go in our lane and just in time he saw us, wow! I was pretty scared! I think I had a mini heart attack.) The Lord is blessing us in SO many ways! More than we ever know!

It has been a wonderful weeks! The goods make the bad times just go away. :)

This coming weekend is general conference and I look back the past few years thinking about what I was doing, my first year at School I went with my Mom to Vegas for a wedding and had a great time building our relationship and it was awesome! Then last year I had such a wonderful opportunity to sing at a sweet friends funeral.  I sure do love my sweet Angel Marissa Watkins! She has taught me a lot. I know that God has a plan for all of us! I have felt Gods love in my life and I can not deny it! I know He loves you and I know that families are forever!! He has a plan for all us!

I look forward at being here for this wonderful Conference! How awesome is it that we get to listen to Gods messengers! Oh so wonderful! I invite you all to pray about one question you have and if you are really seeking for that answer I know you will get it, you just need to be open to hearing it. The Lord loves you! I love you! 

Thank you for everything! :)

Sister Buckmiller(Grandchild)' Sister Winn, my daughter, me, and Sister Kershaw my Momma
I would love to hear what you guys learn and what you are up to these days! Feel free to write me! :)

-Rachel F.
-Marissa Lawrence

Sister North :D

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